A Wellbeing Message from the Chairman

6th September 2019

Dear colleagues,

I want to highlight the importance I attach to the wellbeing of everyone at Wilson James. You will know that we have had a successful mental health awareness programme running for two years. I believe that it’s now time to build on that work, and start to think more completely about all the factors that affect our wellbeing.

Workplace practices are important to our wellbeing – after all, we all spend much of our time at work. So Wilson James and its management have a key role in playing their part in fostering wellbeing. But whether at work or elsewhere, we all have an individual responsibility for our own wellbeing and that of our colleagues as well.

So please look out for a new Wellbeing focus to our Health, Safety and Wellbeing newsletter which will have ideas and tips about how you can support your own wellbeing and help your colleagues. As we develop the programme, there will be opportunities for you to contribute ideas and take part. Darren Ward will lead a new group which will coordinate the many factors that affect employee wellbeing so I encourage you to support him and let him know if you have ideas.

On top of these initiatives, of course we continue to provide an Employee Assistance Programme (a 24/7 confidential helpline) and are expanding our excellent mental health first aider team. But please look out for messages on our Wellbeing campaign and I hope you will enjoy taking up some of the ideas that come with it.

Kind regards,

Gary Sullivan OBE