Client’s Recognition Scheme

29th April 2021

Last September, Darren Boyle and Neil Lewis, while on SSSV patrol, came across a road traffic accident, and were the first people on the scene. The accident was very serious, and the driver seemed to be badly hurt. On inspection, there was also a small child in the back of the vehicle. To make the bad situation worse, the car ignited. Luckily, Darren and Neil were able to put the fire out. They administered first aid, called the emergency services, and controlled the situation until the emergency services arrived.

HS2 identified this as an above and beyond act and has awarded both with a gesture of an award.

A massive well done to Darren and Neil on their act and a huge credit to the SSSV officers on how much of a positive impact they have when it’s not even HS2 related.