Health, Safety and Wellbeing Bulletin – Autumn 2019

11th September 2019

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Dear colleagues,

I am again pleased to share the latest edition of the Health, Safety and Wellbeing Bulletin with you all. In this edition you will find our sector reports as usual, as well as articles on achieving health and fitness goals and information and resources to help manage your overall wellbeing. As you will have seen from our Chairman’s message last week, wellbeing and mental health awareness continue to hold a key place in our commitments to Health and Safety, and we hope you will take advantage of these resources for yourself and your colleagues.

Thank you for the warm response to our Shared Learning updates since the last edition and for your continued prioritisation of our Behavioural Safety commitments. While we are making progress on our goals, we still require the efforts and attention of all our 5,000 colleagues to achieve success. If your site needs some assistance in reaching your training goals, please reach out to our team.

We hope you enjoy this edition and will welcome the new member of our team who you will meet in its pages…you will be seeing more of him soon.

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Kind regards,

Darren Ward 
Business Performance Director