HR Service Desk

16th March 2021

Dear colleagues,

Earlier this year, we announced a new approach to contacting our Wilson James HR Employee Relations and Shared Services support functions: via our new HR Service Desk. We are pleased to see many of you already using it.

I wanted to take this opportunity to share some hints and tips with you, and also to let you know that as of 22 March 2021, the following email addresses will no longer be in use and therefore all interactions with HR will need to be submitted through the HR Service Desk: 



The following email inboxes will remain open but only for outbound use: 



Tips on getting the best out of the HR Service Desk Portal 


‘Your Tickets’ 


  • This is where you can view all open, pending and closed tickets. In order to use this function you will need to create an account, you can do this by clicking ‘Sign Up’. 


‘Reporting an Incident’ 


  • This is a general enquiry form that should be used when interacting with the HR Shared Services and Employee Relations departments. This form allows the requester to select the nature of their request. This form can be completed by a Manager, Employee, New Candidate or an External Customer. 
  • You will be unable to submit a ticket unless all mandatory fields are completed – these are the sections marked with a red asterisk. 
  • Other email addresses can be CC’d to the ticket by clicking the ‘Add CC’ option underneath. 
  • Attachments can be added to the ticket by clicking ‘Attach a file’. 
  • You can only attach files that are not listed in the ‘Request New Service’. 


‘Request New Service’

  • Here you can complete a number of online forms such as: 
  • Post Adjustment Form 
  • Leavers Report 
  • Authority to Compile 
  • New Position ID Request 
  • ESS Password Reset 
  • Working Time Directive Opt Out Form 

Attachments can be added to these forms by clicking ‘Attach a file’.


‘Browse Solutions’ 


  • This contains answers to a list of frequently asked questions. 


Accessing the HR Service Desk

There are many ways in which you can access the HR Service Desk, these are detailed below: 



As with any change in process and introduction of a new system there are inevitably teething problems, we have attempted to address these. However, if you do have any feedback or should you need further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Thank you for your continued support.

Yours sincerely,  

Joanne Fenton
HR Operations Director