Keeping Well: Home working

20th March 2020

We understand that the unprecedented and ever-changing news of COVID-19 is a challenge for all of us at home and at work. Our primary objective is to ensure we all stay physically and mentally well at this time. This is the first post in our ‘Keeping Well’ series; we’ll be sharing information, advice and links to helpful resources right here on our newsfeed. We’ll include topics such as how to stay healthy, keeping in touch with people and strengthening your immune system. Please let your line manager know if there is a particular topic you’d like us to share health, safety and wellbeing guidance on.

Keeping Well: Home working

You may have recently been asked to work from home for longer periods than you’re used to, or even for the first time. Whether you’re used to working from home or are new to it, we know it can be a struggle to stay focused and productive in these uncertain times.

Here are some tips to make working from home easier:

  • Make the most of the extra minutes: If you usually commute to work, working from home will have given you the gift of some extra time. Use it well: have a more leisurely breakfast, go for a walk or run, or even have a lie-in.
  • Get ready: Eat a good, healthy breakfast, and get dressed – don’t stay in your pyjamas. As we move towards video conferencing, be as presentable as you would be in person.
  • Prepare your workstation: If you can, use a dedicated space that you can leave when you’re off the clock e.g. a dining table — not on the sofa in front of the television, and definitely not in bed. If possible, use a space with natural light and a comfortable chair.
  • Interact with people: Let your manager or team know you’re online and working, and let them know when you’re logging off for the day. Social interactions — whether with friends, family or colleagues — can alleviate feelings of isolation and loneliness. You can use Teams to have a quick video call check-in with a colleague who may be working alone.
  • Have a lunch break: Move away from your laptop, sit down and enjoy whatever you fancy. Put your feet up and relax. Spend time talking to friends and family. It’s your break to do what you like with.
  • Keep hydrated: Don’t forget to drink plenty of water throughout the day and have something nutritional (e.g. fruit or nuts) nearby to maintain your concentration levels.
  • End the day: Log out, pack up, and clear it all away – do whatever you need to do to complete and have a clean break from your work day. Now you can enjoy already being at home and having a little bit of extra time to do some of the things you don’t usually get time to do.


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