Learning at Work Week 2021: Friday

21st May 2021

Welcome to Learning at Work Week at Wilson James!  

We invite you to tune in to our daily webinars and podcasts, where we discuss the wide range of opportunities available to you at Wilson James, give you an insight into different learning techniques and support you to embrace learning and development for you and your team. 


Check back here every day this week: 



Podcast: Rosa Osman, Head of People Development, and Amy Dean, Learning and Development Partner, discuss the range of learning opportunities at Wilson James. 



Podcast: Konstantinos Tasis, Training Manager at WJ Museums Consortium, talks about the ways to maximise your own learning potential through discovering your preferred learning style. 

Webinar: Ishtiaq Rahman, Training and Compliance Manager at Facebook, talks to Raymond Chabvuka, Learning and Development Advisor, about the process of carrying out an effective training session. You will learn how to use tools and techniques to manage a classroom, follow the training cycle, and ensure the learning has been understood.



Webcast: The ‘Learning at Facebook’ case study will give you a brief overview of the training and engagement programme which Ishtiaq Rahman implemented for #TeamWJ on the Facebook contract.

Webcast: Explore the learning technologies available and how to use technology to enhance learning.



Podcast: Rosa Osman will help you discover how to embed coaching and mentoring into your discussions with team members, and learn some practical tips on how to effectively have a coaching/mentoring conversation.



Podcast: We are joined by Biju Chudasama, IT Director, to discuss why taking the approach of listening and understanding people is essential to becoming a learning ambassador for your team.

Podcast: Marcela Robinson, Training Manager at Wilson James for Gatwick, will help you explore how to overcome barriers to learning and make learning a priority.