Moves and appointments

17th May 2021

Dear colleagues,

We are delighted to announce two important new appointments. Tom Giles will take on the new role of Head of Business Intelligence. This role is central to our exciting agenda around data; we aim to transform the way we use data, developing real intelligence and insights which can drive value for the business and our clients. It will support our ambition to offer comprehensive solutions to our clients based on deep, insightful and logical understanding of their business environment and needs. It will also lead the way on providing data in the form we need to improve our internal systems and processes. Given this, this role will also be critical in helping drive forward the ambitious plans for business improvement, helping to create the tools and processes as well as implementing and delivering the business improvement agenda. Tom will report to Biju Chudasama as Chief Technology Officer and Maya Jani as Director Business Improvement.

Paul Wood will move from ABP Southampton to take over from Tom Giles as the Senior Mobilisation Manager. The Mobilisation team is well established in its primary role of enabling the consistent mobilisation of new contracts in the Wilson James way as well as its secondary task of supporting business improvement. The Mobilisation team – Tom, Kirsty Creed and James Lord – have brought a great mix of consistency and innovation to their work. Paul will bring the right experience to take the team to the next level as it looks towards a broader remit of operational readiness; in all of this, he will link naturally to Tom in his new role as we look to deliver the best value for our clients and also play an important part in business improvement.
Nick Channer                                  Maya Jani                             Biju Chudasama 
Chief of Staff                  Director of Business Improvement                 IT Director