Running the Royal Parks Half Marathon for Crisis

30th September 2019

Home, a word I use every day. It is a warm, loving and comfortable space, full of people I admire and things that provide joy. It keeps my kids healthy, warm and safe. It is my 0,0,0, the place I center most of my world around.

But what if it wasn’t there? What would you do?

236,000 people have found themselves in this position. Common causes are not drug and alcohol-related, but common afflictions and situation that any one of us could fall foul of. Mental health challenges, teenagers with no family to fall back on, redundancy & rising costs or a family death are just some of the common causes of homelessness.

With the political and economic uncertainty Britain is facing, rough sleeping is forecast to rise by 76% in the next decade unless we do something about it.

Together, lets help fund some of the services and provide dignity, respect and safety to the homeless by providing access to help quickly.


· £10 provides a warm welcome and help someone take the first steps out of homelessness

· £25 helps someone regain a sense of worth through healthcare and counselling

· £50 helps someone gain the skills or qualifications they need to turn their life around

· £100 provides support, training and equipment to help someone find their way back into employment

· £250 provides one-to-one support to help someone find a safe place to call home