Step Forward to End Homelessness

19th February 2020

Step Forward to End Homelessness

Across Wilson James, sites and teams are gearing up for Step Forward to End Homelessness which starts at the beginning of March.

This email contains information to help you get started:

How to join in:

  1. Create a team of 5 and think of a good team name. The name should be fun but also appropriate as it will be publicly available. Please include ‘Wilson James’ at the end of your team name on the online system. For instance, ‘Marketing Team Marchers Wilson James’.
  2. Choose a personal step goal and a team goal for the month. You can choose your own personal goals or Crisis suggests some options which fit in with their own campaign goals (e.g. 260,000 = the number of households that have experienced homelessness). If you choose Crisis’s options it helps them promote their campaigns. Do make the goals challenging enough so people will want to sponsor you!
  3. Register yourself on the Crisis online system. This only costs £10, which goes straight to Crisis!
  4. On the online system, start your team or join the team if it’s already set up.
  5. Email your team fundraising link to and we will add you to the Wilson James Leaderboard so you can compete with people across the business. You don’t have to join the Leaderboard if you prefer not to; at the end of the step challenge, we’ll ask you to send us your total steps with a screenshot of your device.
  6. On the online system, link your device’s step pedometer to the website (options include Strava, Fitbit and Map My Fitness). Here are some FAQs and a video about how to do this.
  7. Start fundraising! Once you have registered, you will get your own personal link to share with your friends and family so that they can sponsor you and donate to Crisis. We’ll be sharing great ideas to help with fundraising in the next few weeks.
  8. Once you’ve completed steps 1-7, all that’s left to do is get started with your walking challenge from 1 March (your steps will not appear on the online count until then).

Please pass this information on to your team. If you have any issues with any of the above, email

Good luck!

Many thanks,

Susi Farnworth 
CSR Manager