Timegate Upgrade

19th August 2021

Dear Timegate users,

On Wednesday 25 August 2021 from 10am to 1pm, Timegate will be unavailable. This is because we are upgrading from version 20.2 to 20.4 and is necessary to keep up to date with bug fixes and enhancements to the software.

Significant changes are:

  • Enhancement to Duty Requests – these will now show the employee’s diary so you can make an informed decision and ensure they are not working excessive hours. It will also show you any other employees who have asked to work the duty.
  • Portal – the search for work feature has been improved.
  • Employee diary – this was showing an incorrect figure when the employee had had an adjustment to their entitlement – this is now fixed.
  • Site view:
    • Ability to add employees to multiple duties. For example, if you have five duties on one day, you can select five people at the same time to assign them to the duties.
    • Now shows how many open posts you have. For example, it will say two if you have two open posts rather than the number of hours.
    • If the duty has been period locked or approved locked then you will no longer be able to remove an employee by diary event – this will stop retro changes so please ensure you keep Timegate up to date.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the Timegate User Group that have helped complete the testing of version 20.4.

​Should you experience any issues following the upgrade, please raise a ticket or email servicedesk@wilsonjames.co.uk.

Kind regards,

Hayley Lord 
IT Business Partner – HR and Payroll