URGENT: Return to WJ Office Risk Assessments

12th May 2021

Dear colleagues,

As we move forward with more digitised improvements and for standardised employee experience we have now updated our COVID-19 Risk Assessments for all support offices along with Toolbox Talk 85 (COVID-19)These documents can now be seen, read and electronically confirmed via our Employee Portal.

When logging in to the Employee Portal, all unread documents will be seen as a notification under the “Documents” icon.

All unread documents will be highlighted has “New” until you have opened them. Click the “Health and Safety Information” option to view the individual office risk assessments.

Once you have read the risk assessments, you will be prompted to confirm you have done so. The Portal will store this record, although your line manager or designated office contact may provide additional briefings for additional safety.

Ensuring we uphold safe working practices is key as we continue to ease out of lockdown. Please ensure you have read and confirmed these risk assessments before our phased return to Wilson James offices next week.

Kind regards,

Liam Simpson
HSE Manager