Wilson James achieves Gold Membership of the SCSS

5th February 2021

At Wilson James, we recognise that reducing our impact on the environment is vital to being a successful business. That’s why we’re pleased to announce we have achieved a Gold membership of the Supply Chain Sustainability School (SCSS). Congratulations to our Procurement team and the project team Heathrow for their efforts in incorporating sustainable business practices into our company strategy.  

To gain Gold membership ‘companies must actively share knowledge and experience with other members through a case study’.   

We decided to share our sustainability work in partnership with Heathrow and Uniform Express:   

Case study: Clothing that doesn’t cost the Earth   

The outcomes of this project:   

  1. Effective Online Ordering: increase in bulk orders via CVS file uploads, quicker and more accurate orderingprocessesanda reduction in lead times = lower carbon footprint.   
  2. Ethical and Sustainable Production:all factories used for the production of the Heathrow uniforms were visited and audited to ensure that: 
  • Employment is freely chosen 
  • Working conditions are safe and hygienic 
  • Child labour is not used  
  • Wages and benefits meet or exceed the minimum national legal standards  
  • Working hours comply with national laws  
  • No discrimination is practiced  
  • Human and civil rights are respected  
  1. Best Practice Deliveries: 
  • All orders are sent as individual person packs to reduce the amount of packaging 
  • Reduction of the use of hangers, reducing plastic and weight = reduced pollution during transportation 
  • All cardboard used is 100% recyclable and biodegradable  
  1. Sustainable Tailoring:95% of the polyester used in the sustainable suiting collection is made from recycled plastic bottles.  

The SCSS is a free online learning portal with the aim of upskilling those working within all levels of the construction industry. Membership reflects how engaged an organisation is with the School.  

Sharing this case study with the SCSS was the last piece of the puzzle. Wilson James’s Gold membership is a great achievement and shows our commitment to sustainability at WJ.