Wilson James Awards 2020

5th October 2020

Dear colleagues,

Our awards are a highlight of our year, usually celebrated at the annual manager’s day event. Things are different this year, but the achievements and recognition of our teammates remains just as important to us. Though we are unable to gather together and celebrate in person this year, we hope you will all join us in congratulating our 2020 award-winning colleagues.

The worthy award winners are as follows:

 Manager of the Year  Outstanding Contribution  Rising Star
Security North – Paul Wood
Security South – Deon Pienaar
Logistics – Chris Clarkson
Support – Jonathon Nicholls
Aviation – Liz Boadella Burton
Peter Griffin
Rosa Osman
Wayne Perrin
Kofi Agyabeng-Dadzie
Matt Barrett
Michael Beadle
James Lord


Please see the photos of the awards being collected below:

Chris Clarkson
James Lord
Jonathon Nicholls
Liz Boadella Burton and Kofi Agyabeng-Dadzie
Michael Beadle
Rosa Osman
Paul Wood and Wayne Perrin








Deon Pienaar and Peter Griffin










Matt Barrett

































Thank you all for your commitment and the work you continue to do for Wilson James even in the most unfamiliar and challenging circumstances.

Keep safe, keep well,

Mark Dobson           Gary Sullivan
CEO                             Chairman