Wilson James brand library update

7th September 2021

Dear colleagues,

The Wilson James brand has a wider reach than ever before! It’s now common for our clients and supply partners to include us in their own public messaging, or to collaborate with us on campaigns. Our geographic reach and the nature of our client base means it’s also increasingly common to spot our  brand “in the wild.” Last week alone I sighted two fleet vehicles in central London and spotted our colleagues and logo in the press and media multiple times.

It’s very exciting to see, but also a good reminder that maintaining a consistent and protected brand as we grow is more important than it’s ever been. And therefore I’m pleased to announce that the Corporate Brand Library has a new home and a fresh update!

So what’s new?
The location and ease of access. You can now find the Library from the new homepage of the Intranet. In addition, Office365 enables phone/app based usage (similar to Teams) for colleagues who are frequently on the move. You can access your Sharepoint sites, including the Intranet and its resources, from your Wilson James phone or device.

Updated brand guidelines
A new set of guidelines is now in effect and available for colleagues/suppliers to use. We’ve added more information on logo usage, additional approved colours and improved guidance on the Wilson James “tone of voice” and “house style” when writing or presenting.

New marketing materials
We’ve included several videos and new service line and product brochures, to aid in cross-selling or engagement. You can also see dates of publication to ensure your teams and our clients are seeing the most up to date offerings. These include NEW collateral for our aviation portfolio and technology arm.

Smart templates
We’ve refreshed our Powerpoint and Word templates and “embedded” our branding as default. This means that when you want to add a new slide or apply text formatting options to a document, all your options will already be pre-branded for you. The templates also include easy instructions on how to use these tools.

Site materials for managers 
We have updated our corporate posters, and added resources for site managers such as recognition tools and local newsletter templates. We have also included all Wilson James awareness materials for Data Protection and Health & Safety resources.

Continuous Improvement
The Library is a “living” resource and will be consistently monitored for update or amends when necessary. It is good practice to check that you are using the most up to date versions of our documents and guidelines. We strongly recommend against downloading and storing templates or brand documents if you can avoid it, and sourcing the most current versions directly from the Library.

And of course, reaching out to the Communications team if ever in doubt. We’re always happy to help!

​​​​​​Kind regards,

Cadence Woodland
Head of Communications