WJ ID Cards update

24th November 2020

Dear all,


Please find an update in regard to the WJ ID Cards. The process will now be moved to reception at Westcliff. If you have any issues with the process going forward please email reception.westcliff@wilsonjames.co.uk


The following changes will apply to the current process:


A report for expiry dates and new starters will be automated, so you do not need to email reception to gain a new card for either of these. You will only need to inform reception if you need a replacement card issued.


Reception will only contact yourselves if we do not hold a valid photo to issue the card, we will access the photos needed from the WJ SIA system.


The team is currently working through the reports and will send sites any cards which are missing or due to expire. The new cards issued will now last for 5 years before expiry. We will be working on a site by site basis to clear any backlog. The new reporting system is up and running, all current gaps will be filled by the end of December. If you have asked for a WJ ID card and not received this as yet, we will make sure these are all received by the December deadline.


If an employee leaves, please ensure that you dispose of the WJ ID Card securely, if you are unable to do so, we will send a return address envelope so we can do this for you.


A letter accompanying the new ID cards will detail the procedure. Expiry dates will be detailed on the Training Matrix issued via the IMS should you need to check at any stage.


Please be advised that cards will not be issued to all staff, only those that have a valid SIA licence.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


If you do have any questions or concerns please let me know.


Kind regards,


Suzy Bassett


Senior Executive Assistant