WJ Online Portal paper savings 2020

12th January 2021

The Wilson James Online Portal was rolled out initially to our Heathrow site in late 2019. Its primary use was to view shifts and book holiday. Since then, it has grown in function and has been made available to use as standard across all aviation and security mobilisations throughout the company. 

The portal is now currently used for: 

  • Requesting uniform 
  • Booking and cancelling holiday 
  • General queries 
  • Requesting event duties
  • Viewing shifts 


3760 users have accessed the portal from a total of 5501 employees. That’s over 2/3rd of WJ employees!  

In 2020 alone, the portal has saved: 

104.34 kgCO2                                            12,000 meters of paper                               4.74 trees 


12,000 metres of paper equates to… 

1.33 Mount Everests              0.32 of a LHR>NYC flight              0.03 of the way to the moon 


If you are not currently using the WJ Online Portal, please don’t hesitate to speak to your line manager. Our aim is to get as many employees using it as regularly as possible to help cut down on our carbon emissions via paper savings!