Securing your reputation in 2017

1st February 2017

By Don McCann, Security Solutions Consultant

So 2017 is here, and the future looks bright!

Expansion is imminent. Bigger operations. New locations. New markets. All of this is great news, however, security issues should be at the forefront when these decisions are turned into actual plans. When business leaders are considering expanding their company’s footprint; security, in all of its rapidly changing forms, has to be  re-evaluated.

Security is a mindset

Security and IT should never slow down the pace of delivery for an upwardly mobile and innovative company. The best objective for any business should be changing the mindset so that security is at the forefront of the design or business requirement, not an afterthought or necessary evil. Business leaders need to ensure that legacy systems and their capabilities are tested and upgraded where necessary in order to keep up with corporate growth.

Security is a differentiator

When a business has a strong security strategy in place that is capable of scaling in line with exponential business expansion, it becomes something that a company can be proud of and use as basis to build a solid reputation. Setting clear security objectives enables due diligence and shows that the firm, its staff, and most importantly, its clients are in safe hands.

The technology space is evolving rapidly

To meet growing security demands this year, companies need to think about how security technology solutions can enhance their manned guarding detail. Ensuring that the most cutting edge security technology is part of new project plans will make the overall experience less intrusive and, in addition, many companies may even find a financial saving.

Security of things

There are a number of critical issues that the security marketplace faces in 2017, one of the most important is the rise in cyber security issues with security equipment. Last year, hackers were able to access vulnerable IP cameras and penetrate networks. As these instances increase, manufacturers must be diligent in providing products that can be fully secured over a network and work with IT departments to strengthen security policies related to IoT devices.

Head in the cloud

Cloud services will be a huge trend in 2017, as manufacturers meet the demand that end-users have (some operating outside of company IT policies) to store data in the cloud for ease-of-access and more remote capabilities, these technologies although convenient are an area that hackers have targeted last year and this trend will only intensify this year as cloud services become increasingly more popular.

Looking to the future

2016 was a milestone for Wilson James, we’re 25 years in business, all of those years building a reputation that our clients trust. This year we’ve made some changes to our business, remaining innovative and adapting to the needs of the market so that we offer our clients the products that an agile security provider should be offering. Security and technology solutions, Big Data monitoring, cloud-based booking systems and cloud security brokers.  Wilson James is continuing to push forward. Come join us!