Wilson James wins Heathrow inaugural Clean Vehicles Partnership Leadership Award and CVP Champion Award

20th October 2017

Wilson James has been awarded the Heathrow Clean Vehicles Partnership (CVP)’s first ever Leadership Award. Following a presentation of achievements to an expert panel of judges at the celebratory event, Wilson James was also awarded CVP Champion 2017.

The Leadership Award is designed to recognise businesses that show a commitment to fleet emissions improvement and long term sustainability, and to disseminating best practice improvements. The Champion Award recognises extraordinary effort overall towards assisting Team Heathrow to achieve its sustainability goals. The CVP works with the airport’s fleet operators to support Heathrow’s sustainability goals outlined in Heathrow 2.0 – the airport’s plan for sustainable growth.

Wilson James was noted for its development of the escort vehicle fleet at Heathrow, which supports airside logistics. Under Wilson James management, 10 vehicles (85% of its fleet) have been upgraded to fully electric vehicles, ahead of the Heathrow 2.0 target for 2020. This is anticipated to save 19 tonnes of CO2 equivalent and 1 tonne of NOx annually.

John Spottiswood, Director at Heathrow Logistics Integrator, said:
The team are excited and delighted to be recognised by Heathrow as leaders in fleet emissions improvement. I am personally pleased for my team as this recognises the amount of hard work they have all put in both individually and as a unit, working across development at Heathrow. The introduction of an electric fleet was challenging and just on the edge of what technology could deliver when we started. It is a spring board to help us deliver on our part of Heathrows 2.0 strategy and shows the role green technology can play in logistics.

Matt Gorman, Heathrow Director of Sustainability said:
We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and with the Heathrow Clean Vehicles Partnership and our sustainability strategy Heathrow 2.0, we are leading by example and improving air quality in our communities. We rely on the innovation of partners like Wilson James to keep driving forward sustainable change, and to fulfil our ambition to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions from airside vehicles by 50% by 2020.”

About the Heathrow Clean Vehicle Partnership:

 For the past 14 years, the Heathrow Clean Vehicle Partnership has encouraged collaboration between over 20 Heathrow companies to reduce emissions through trials of low and zero emission vehicles, driver training and emissions monitoring tools, workshops and networking events to share best practice.

The CVP Awards event was held on 19 October, with senior delegates from within the airport community and external stakeholders in attendance.



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