Keeping our promises

6th April 2021

Mark Dobson
CEO at Wilson James


As Wilson James enters its thirtieth year, Mark Dobson reflects on the business’s achievements and aspirations, and how we plan to grow, develop and mature in the future – further fulfilling the promise of the business that started up 30 years ago.

I can hardly believe it but Wilson James is entering its thirtieth year. It’s quite the achievement and a time for both reflection and aspiration.

I’m very proud that over the last thirty years, Wilson James has grown from a promising start-up to a fast-growing and maturing organisation. What makes me prouder still is that throughout that journey we have consistently stuck to three core promises. We will always be a business that puts our people at the heart of everything we do; we will always be honest and realistic about what we can provide, delivering what we have promised and more; and we will be the sort of partner that sticks with our clients and our people through thick and thin.

We have genuinely delivered on these promises over the last – often difficult – 12 months. We have reacted quickly and flexibly to help our clients adapt to the ever-changing challenges of COVID 19 so that they can deliver now and emerge ready for a post-pandemic world. We have also strengthened our own leadership capability by promoting from within Wilson James and appointing the talent we have nurtured and invested in over the years. I know they will help us continue to deliver on our promises to offer excellent service delivery while creating innovative new services that will keep our clients at the top of their game for the next thirty years.

We are a business that doesn’t see a separation between what we do and how we do it. We want to do good by doing business that puts our values into action. That’s why we are a Living Wage Employer and have a strong portfolio of wellbeing products that have proven their importance through lockdown and home-schooling! We also invest in our people to build careers and equip them for the future.

The newly launched Wilson James Leadership Academy encourages self-nomination and speaks to all of our people. We believe that this investment in our people is also an investment in our clients. Well-trained, happy and productive people go that extra mile and our clients can feel the difference. One senior client commented, “I’ll tell you what I love about Wilson James; they keep their promises”.

Wilson James will continue to grow, develop and mature in the future – further fulfilling the promise of that little start up. There is no doubt that we will also continue to change and evolve as we grow. We will emerge as an even more effective business and we will continue to hold firm to our promises. All the things that make Wilson James the special business it is will remain at the very heart of who we are.

The future will reveal a Wilson James that is the best version of ourselves and that’s a promise.


This article was originally published on LinkedIn.