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Welcome to the era of Unified Security

Security technology has moved on. Integration of systems and people, combined with data- pooling and smarter analytical techniques, has transformed the way we think about protecting people, data, equipment, and structures.

By unifying your approach to security across a single building;
an entire campus; or a disparate, multi-site organisation, you can do so much more. Integration and data analysis unlock opportunities to cut costs, simplify processes, speed up response times, fix issues long before they become problems, and – most important of all – give your entire team greater peace of mind.

This is what we do best at Wilson James – unifying technology and people for the most effective security solutions to fit your budget. We can cover the full spectrum of electronic security from enterprise-level to single-site and system deployments of access control, CCTV, and intruder detection. Effective integration relies on those bedrock skills – and on our ability to get the most out of every single security component, whether new or legacy.

Always looking for the bigger picture

Our approach to your security challenges is thoughtful, analytical, and strategic. We look at what you want to achieve right now, and where you might want to go in the longer term. We think about the needs of your systems and your people – and the way they interact – because that’s where we find opportunities for improvement, for efficiency, and for transformational change.

This is the Wilson James approach to all client challenges. We are collaborators, calling on expertise and insights from across the team and beyond, to give you a complete view of your potential security roadmap.
Whatever sector you operate in, we have the expertise to make the connections that unlock a consolidated response to the practical, commercial, and technological obstacles you face.

Whenever we provide an individual service, we do it superbly. We look to the future by building relationships founded on trust that lead to multi- decade partnerships with our clients. We commit to sharing your vision, making a strategic contribution to it, and showing how collaborative thinking can revolutionise the way you secure your assets and people.

All the security technology you’ll ever need

We provide systems, technology, and services to cover all aspects of your security across your entire estate, from offices to retail outlets to utilities and infrastructure installations at remote, unguarded locations.

Access Control



Public Address

Intruder Detection


Digital Lockers & Keysafes

Visitor Management Systems

Assistance Alarms

BMS Monitoring

Cyber Security

Data & Systems Integration

Take what you need from a complete service

Your security needs are unique: no other organisation has your combination of locations, teams, data, activities, equipment, processes, and building layouts. So we have no preconceptions about what would work for you, or how much input you need from us.

A full, end-to-end service typically involves the following seven stages, but you might only need the first two or three, or maybe just the insights and expertise of a consultation.
We adapt to give you the service that’s right for you.

1. Consult

  1. Requirement consultation
  2. Risk-mapping
  3. Stakeholder engagement

2. Design

  1. Future-proof solutions
  2. Hard and soft integrations
  3. Multi-vendor systems
  4. Analogue-to-digital migration paths
  5. Dedicated security networks

3. Supply

  1. Ethical supply chain
  2. Supply-chain redundancy
  3. Partnership pricing

4. Install

  1. Certified engineers
  2. Detailed project execution plans
  3. 24/7 installation window

5. Commission

  1. Phased introduction
  2. Consumer and user training
  3. Detailed digital O&M manuals

6. Maintain

  1. Certified engineers
  2. Live-system health alerts
  3. Stocked hot spares
  4. Detailed reports

7. Monitor

  1. Dedicated in house ARC
  2. System-trained operators 24/7
  3. Remote system triage
  4. Remote concierge
  5. Help-point response
  6. Smart sensor monitoring

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