Helping you optimise your on-site deliveries

The delivery of construction materials, plant and equipment to a congested city centre or a complex site is challenging. This is compounded by congestion charging, emissions control and cycle safety as more people compete for space on the road network.

The consolidation process is a tried and tested method for improving material delivery.

Wilson James owns and operates various logistics consolidation centres, including our flagship London Construction Consolidation Centre (LCCC) in Silvertown, East London.

The benefits of consolidation

✓ Reducing the risk of HGVs to other road users

✓ Reducing road pollution and improving air quality

✓ Reducing traffic congestion on roads in Central London

✓ Reducing the burden of deliveries from multiple suppliers onsite by decreasing the number of loads as a result of consolidation

✓ Providing a single point of contact for deliveries

✓ Reducing material and equipment congestion on site as a result of Just In Time planning

✓ Facilitating reverse logistics, where items that aren’t required or waste materials can be returned to the LCCC for disposal or collection by the supplier, without obstructing space onsite.

The off-site logistics support offered through the LCCC doesn’t stop there. Many contractors operating in London have found that using the facility offers them a viable London depot where they can temporarily store materials and make use of our FORS Gold fleet for onward transportation.

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