Changes to company car scheme drive latest sustainable efforts

16th July 2021

An early advocate for sustainable material management practices in their operations, Wilson James has continually sought opportunities to reduce the carbon impact of our vehicle fleet. Our LCCC fleet has been FORS Gold certified since 2014, and we routinely partner with clients to build or evolve more sustainable local fleets. Most recently we partnered with Heathrow Airport to deploy our fist hydrogen vehicle, in addition to our electric escort vehicles already in operations.

Following a commitment to improve our own internal policies and practices in a similar way, we are pleased to announce changes to our internal company car scheme to offer electric vehicle options to our qualifying workforce. We have also supported installing charge points. Taking advantage of this, in collaboration with appropriate government schemes, not only reduces the carbon impact of a single driver, but contributes to the infrastructure necessary to make wider transitions to sustainability possible.

We now offer two fully electric company car options to our eligible employees: the Nissan Leaf and the Hyundai Kona, and are continually researching the latest models in order to broaden our range. Our first company vehicles under this new scheme have been delivered and are in use in our workforce.

In line with the UK government announcing legislation to end the production of conventionally fueled cars by 2030, we are aiming to offer a fully electric range in our company car scheme prior to this deadline.