Setting the standard in aviation security training

23rd January 2023

Effective security systems are increasingly important in protecting the international aviation infrastructure and those using it. Therefore, high quality aviation security training is vital and Wilson James is one of an elite group of companies rated ‘outstanding’ by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

 During the 20 years that I’ve worked in aviation security training, I’ve witnessed a seismic shift in the way that airports operate. This is not altogether surprising given the level of known and emerging threats to airports and air travel generally, and me and my team at Wilson James are proud to be recognised for what we do to make these environments safer.

Mark of distinction

On 1st April 2019 the CAA officially introduced its Quality Assurance Framework to provide a baseline quality standard for aviation security training providers. On its introduction, Peter Drissell, director of CAA Aviation Security, stated, ‘It is about taking a systemic approach to managing aviation security, in ways which serve to instil security in the routine daily activities of an organisation, and indeed in its very culture.’

For many aviation security training professionals like myself the Quality Assurance Framework provides a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate a proven track record in leading, developing and delivering education that ensures a safe and secure environment, and achieves compliance with government regulations. Only training providers like us that are registered with the CAA to deliver mandatory Department for Transport (DfT) Aviation Security syllabuses are now permitted to do so.

The process is designed to be rigorous – rightly so – and I’m delighted to say that since the inception of the Quality Assurance Framework, Wilson James has achieved an Outstanding rating.  

 Put into practice

We currently deliver nine courses outlined within the Quality Assurance Framework for a number of international and regional airports. These cover a range of disciplines including ground security operation and management, security management, threat assessment, airport supplies and cargo management, as well as general security awareness training. Wilson James also provides specialist passenger assistance training, which identifies ways to address the needs of those that have disabilities.

These courses are available to any organisations involved in airports and aviation, and we are flexible about where and when we deliver them – working with customers to configure the most suitable location and content, based on delegate profile. Through a mix of classroom-based theory and practical on-site experience, individuals are taught about relevant regulations and best practice techniques.

At Wilson James we pride ourselves on our approachability and personal touch. With this people focused vision, my colleagues offer individuals the highest level of training and skills development. Our instructors come from an aviation security background and have vast operational experience to draw on – something that provides an unrivaled level of insight and which course attendees find invaluable. Our instructors are also given extensive in house training to ensure consistency and are encouraged to suggest and devise new and innovative ways to plug customers’ skills gaps.

From the ground up

Quality underpins everything we do at Wilson James and our CAA ‘outstanding’ rating rubberstamps our credentials as the leading aviation security training provider. I’m delighted that we have achieved such an accolade and it makes us even more determined to develop aviation security personnel who have customer service, attentiveness and scrutiny as their guiding principles.

If you’d like to find out more about Wilson James’ aviation security training, I’d be delighted to hear from you on 07526 176316 or you can email