Wilson James 2022 Carbon Output Report – Driving to Net Zero

31st August 2023

At Wilson James, our fundamental values revolve around improving the environment and creating positive societal outcomes. These principles are deeply ingrained in our organisational culture, and our sustainability strategy reflects our ambition to push the boundaries in reducing our environmental impact.

The release of our 2022 Carbon Output Report underscores our ongoing commitment to carbon efficiency. Throughout 2022 and the first half of 2023, significant investments have been made to strengthen our sustainability team, enhance our carbon monitoring and analysis tools, and establish an Executive Board Sub Committee.

These foundational initiatives will serve as the basis for assessing our current targets in 2023, with the ultimate goals of achieving carbon neutrality by 2040 and attaining Net Zero status by 2050.

Among the 2022 report highlights include:

  • We reduced our carbon emissions by 24,472.03 KgCO2e compared to 2020 levels, with our most impactful reduction emanating from an 11.6% reduction in fleet emissions which makes up 80% of the total carbon emissions we currently capture
  • Our data shows a 24,472.03 KgCO2e reduction in emissions compared to 2020 baseline, representing a 2.9% reduction in total emissions for the scope of our reporting
  • We are obtaining external GHG performance data assurance from a CDP approved standard in preparation for commitment to the SBTi Near-Term and Net Zero targets.

It’s up to Wilson James as a company to help our people make smart decisions. Which is why we’re constantly developing new sustainable solutions that harness complex data and empower our people to make intelligent and sustainable choices. Join us on our journey to carbon neutrality by 2040 and attaining Net Zero status by 2050.

Read the Carbon Output Report 2022 here