Wilson James 2023-2024 Gender Pay Gap Report

5th April 2024

Wilson James is proud to announce the release of its Gender Pay Gap Report for the year 2023-2024. This comprehensive report reflects the company’s dedication to transparency, equality, and fostering an inclusive workplace culture.

The Gender Pay Gap Report provides an in-depth analysis of gender-based pay disparities within Wilson James, highlighting both progress made and areas for improvement. By openly disclosing this information, we reaffirm our commitment to addressing gender inequality and promoting diversity and inclusion at every level of the organisation.

“We believe that transparency is crucial in driving meaningful change,” said Nick Channer, Chief of Staff at Wilson James. “Publishing our Gender Pay Gap Report demonstrates our commitment to accountability and provides a roadmap for further progress towards gender equality in the workplace.”

Wilson James recognises that achieving gender parity requires ongoing effort and collaboration across the organisation. We remain dedicated to implementing policies and initiatives aimed at closing the gender pay gap and creating a more equitable work environment for all employees.

“We are committed to fostering a workplace where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered to succeed,” added Maya Jani, Executive Sponsor of the Wilson James Gender Network. “Through continued transparency, education, and action, we will strive to eliminate gender-based disparities and create a more inclusive future for our employees.”

The release of the Gender Pay Gap Report demonstrates our commitment to transparency, accountability, and advancing gender equality in the workplace. We look forward to building on this progress and driving positive change in the years to come.