Wilson James enacts its business continuity protocols in response to the COVID-19 crisis

27th March 2020

On 23rd March, the senior leadership team at Wilson James took the decision to require support staff to start working from home and began formally enacting our continuity of business protocols.

Following the announcement of the new measures from the Government, we have temporarily closed down our support offices and introduced restricted access to them.

We aim to ensure that our whole support team is able to provide the optimal levels of support to both our clients and colleagues on the front line. We are all working around the clock to mitigate the impact Covid-19 has on our ability to continue providing comprehensive security, drive efficiency and maintain the standards we pride ourselves on.

We are collaborating closely with our clients and liaising with all the relevant public bodies to stay on top of the situation. Our managers from across the business are directly connected online, utilising a range of tried and tested tools.Our whole workforce is being communicated with daily to ensure that they are kept up to speed with any developments in the situation.



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