Wilson James publishes 2022 Gender Pay Report

4th May 2023

Wilson James has today published its 2022 Gender Pay Report.

The statutory report, an annual publication for employers with 250 or more employees, analyses the difference between the average pay of male and female employees across all roles, and the percentage of male and female employees across Wilson James’s business in the UK.

Since the introduction of our first Gender Pay Report in 2019, Wilson James has taken significant strides forward in becoming a truly diverse and inclusive business. In the last year the company has reduced its mean pay gap from 8.8% to 7% and its median pay gap from 14% to 5%. The UK median Gender Pay Gap is 14.9%.

Within the Wilson James Gender Bonus Gap, while the percentage of women receiving bonuses has significantly increased from 6% in 2021 to 14% in 2022, the mean bonus gap has also risen by 6 percentage points. This gap in mean bonuses is largely driven by bonus schemes for colleagues in our Security sector where the workforce is significantly male dominated. Women joining the security team have the same access to the bonus scheme.

We have maintained strong focus on delivering our action plan and increasing the representation of women at all levels, right across our business. This commitment to inclusion is starting to create real change and we are seeing progress in our target areas with women now making up 28% in both the upper quartile and upper middle, an increase of 10 and 8 percentage points respectively.

Wilson James remains focused on building a business that is sustainable in every sense, improving diversity and inclusion across its operations. We are embracing our fledgling people networks, which include LGBTI, Disability and Race as well as Gender to give a genuine, companywide voice to all employees. We believe this will help us to understand barriers and work together to find innovative ways for women to both join us and build a long-term career at Wilson James.

To learn more, read the full report here.