Pandemic impact mitigation strategy

Let us help you build your organisational resilience against Covid-19

The experienced professionals at the Risk Advisory Service from Wilson James are here to support your organisation through the current Covid-19 pandemic.

We will work directly with you to create a self-delivered PIMS (Pandemic Impact Mitigation Strategy) that will give you the tools to strengthen your organisational resilience and mitigate the damaging impact that the coronavirus could potentially have on your employees, your property and ultimately your organisational success.

Our PIMS approach is broken down into the four key areas listed across.



Our expert consultants undertake a thorough pandemic impact assessment, searching for and investigating all the potential vulnerabilities and impacts specific to your organisation and supply chain.



Combining best practice, public health advice and the outcomes of our assessments, we make a series of recommendations. We then provide education and training so your team can self-deliver your PIMS.



We continue to remain on hand to support you as your organisation executes your Pandemic Impact Mitigation Strategy, for the duration it remains in place. 



When the pandemic is over we will work with you to advise on how to get back to business as usual, and ensure that your organisation is ready to put your PIMS in place in the event of any future events.

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Further information can be found in our Pandemic Impact Mitigation Strategy guide which can be downloaded through the link below.

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